You Will Soon be Able to Search Words Inside YouTube Videos

According to details, users will get a “search in video button” allowing them to search through a YouTube video transcript.

Google in the past few years have worked a lot on its search results, the company just announced that it will also enhance the YouTube search results and is also testing a feature that will allow users to search words inside videos.

But having this feature inside the YouTube app doesn’t really make sense, right? Well it’s not in the YouTube app instead it will appear once a user searches a word that shows a video result.

Google understood that it’s difficult for people to watch a whole video in order to see just one search result, thus now every time users search for something and get a YouTube video as the result, they can simply find where and how exactly has that word been used in the video.

Every time a YouTube video appears as a search result, users will see a ‘search in video’ button alongside it. Clicking on the button will open the video transcript and show exactly where the word has been used.

This will probably go on to be a great feature, especially for YouTube channels that create guides. This is because they will experience an increased Google search traffic.