World’s Highest Polo Ground

World’s Highest Polo Ground Located at Shandoor Pakistan

The world’s highest polo ground is in the small village of Shindoor in Pakistan. Located at an altitude of 12,000 feet above sea level, the ground sits in the shadow of the towering Hindukash mountain range. The unique location of the polo ground makes it a popular destination for adventure seekers and polo enthusiasts.

It is an achievement for Pakistan to have the biggest Polo Ground of the world. It will help to attract outsiders to come Pakistan for tour. Top Places in Pakistan to Visit in 2023, foreigner can come see beauty of Pakistan.

Despite the challenging high altitude and harsh weather conditions, skilled players from around the world come to Shindoor to test their skills on the rugged terrain. The game of polo has a long history in Pakistan, with the first recorded match taking place in 1877. Today, the Shindoor polo ground serves as a testament to the enduring popularity and cultural significance of this thrilling sport in the region.

Top Tourist Destinations of 2023 in Pakistan in which we can this Polo Ground of Shandoor which is also beautiful place to visit.

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