World Cup Pakistan will bring the trophy

World Cup Pakistan

If it is called some magic or it is called such a miricle. person who cannot even imagine that Pakistan could have gone to the semi-finals, could not go at all, but God’s doing happened that in World Cup Pakistan reached in the semi-finals.

The claims of social media users that some things are happening same-to-same in both the 1992 and 2022, even if these claims are accepted to an extent, then it is true.

So let’s see what is the thing that is common between these two.

Pakistan lost to Australia

Pakistan in the semi-finals of the 1987 World Cup before the 1992 World Cup. Pakistan lost to Australia by 18 runs.

Now talk about this World Cup which is happening in 2022. Before the World Cup 2022 , Pakistan was  defeated by 5 wickets in the semi-finals of 2021

Losing the first matches in the same ground both times

The first match that Pakistan had in 1992, the name of the ground was Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Pakistan lost the first match in the 1992 World Cup. Similarly, Pakistan lost the first match of the tournament, the name of the ground was Melbourne Cricket Ground, both were the same ground.

India defeated Pakistan

India defeated Pakistan in the 1992 World Cup at the Sydney Ground. India has also defeated Pakistan in the 2022 World Cup.

Pakistan won three times in a row

Both in 1992 and 2022 have the same thing, it is also that Pakistan has won three matches in a row.

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The very last day went to the semi-finals

As no one knew Pakistan would reach the semi-finals but such a magic happened that Pakistan reached the semi-finals that too on the very last day. Netherland give a huge upset to South Africa by which Pakistan qualify for Semi Final. Pakistani X Cricket continously giving advise to Babar Azam that he should change the number of his batting position.

Let see what happen tomorrow if Mohammad Haris come opener so it be more helpful for Pakistan team he will utilize the power play and if he stands only 10 over it make easy for Pakistan to win the match one sided.

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