Weekly inflation in Pakistan recorded at 29.42%: PBS data

ISLAMABAD: The prices of 22 items increased as the Weekly inflation in Pakistan reaches 29.42 per cent, Daily News Publisher quoted PBS data on Friday.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) released the Weekly inflation in Pakistan figures, according to which the overall inflation rate has reached 29.42 per cent.

The data released by the Statistics department, the price of chicken increased by 5.89%, onion by 4.45%, and basmati rice by 2.04%.

According to the data, the price of sugar increased by 1.31%, salt by 1.08%, washing soup by 2.30%, and wood used for fire by 1.27%.

Pakistan inflation hits 26.6% in october.

Prices of tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, and cooking oil saw a decline of 28.71 per cent, 16.63 per cent, 2.64 per cent, and 0.65 per cent. Moreover, dal masoor, dal mash, and dal chana prices also fall by 0.61 per cent, 0.44 per cent, and 0.22 per cent respectively.

The price of a 5 kg box of cooking oil also decreased by 0.32 per cent

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