Uber Replaces Human Delivery Drivers with Robots in US

Uber introduce new innovation in there business, Uber Replaces Human Delivery Drivers with Robots in United States of America (US).

Two years after selling off its self-driving car business, Uber is rolling out a fleet of six-wheeled delivery robots to replace human Uber Eats drivers in Miami, partnering with California-based sidewalk robot company Cartken for a pilot program in a Miami commercial district called Dadeland.

Cartken robots have already been deployed in a number of different settings, including college campuses. Access to Uber’s vast ecosystem teases the potential to change the face of food delivery and, if successful, send seismic shocks through the gig workforce — or to flounder, if the program doesn’t manage to overcome logistical challenges.

“We are excited about how this partnership with Uber will bring the advantages of robotics to food delivery — and ultimately create more connected communities,” said Cartken CEO Christian Bersch in a press release. “Together, we have the opportunity to reduce traffic congestion, help local merchants to increase delivery capacity, and bring consumers fast, convenient, and emission-free deliveries.”

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