Transparent Solar Panel

Transparent Solar Panel built by Scientists can Replace House Windows and eve Phone Screens

Transparent solar is a cutting-edge technology that gathers and uses light energy through windows or any glass surface, regardless of the angle. It has the potential to be a game-changer in terms of broadening the scope of solar.

In terms of engineering, researchers have created several means of transparent solar technology. Most generally though, the majority of them function more as a transparent solar concentrator, which means they are made to absorb specific UV and infrared light wavelengths that aren’t visible to the naked eye and transform them into energy capable of powering electronics.

This is good initiative which will change the solar panel industry and this invention of transparent solar panel will help to increase the sales of solar panel.

This technology is also called photovoltaic glass, and it’s manufactured to provide a ranging level of transparency. Back in 2014, researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) developed an entirely transparent solar concentrator, which could convert almost any glass sheet or window into a PV cell.

And by 2020, scientists in the United States and Europe have achieved 100 percent transparency for solar glass, bringing us one step closer to the goal of a sustainable future that does not rely on the grid of the fossil fuel industry.

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