TOYOTA Pilot Project

The car, which will be constructed by Toyota local affiliate Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Toyota Pilot Project will be powered by flex fuel technology, which allows the engine to run on fuel with a higher proportion of ethanol, lowering gasoline usage, as well as a hybrid powertrain.

Although the adoption of electric vehicles in India is gradual, the road transport minister wants carmakers to build flex fuel engines that would utilise locally produced ethanol as the major fuel, reducing the country’s reliance on imported petrol.

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Toyota Kirloskar’s vice chairman Vikram Kirloskar stated at the unveiling in New Delhi that the pilot project will boost India’s energy independence, in accordance with the government’s aim of energy self-sufficiency by 2047.

India, a significant producer of sugar, is eager to increase its use of ethanol, as is larger producer Brazil, where the sale of flex fuel vehicles is already popular.

The pilot’s goal is to see how the automobile works in India and to raise awareness of the technology.