Top 10 Business Groups of Pakistan

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This are the Top 10 Business Groups of Pakistan. A little glimpse of Pakistan’s Top Business groups, who have struggled hard to be where they are right now which is a great achievement for them and Pakistan as well moreover these businesses are very important for our country’s Economy as they are the reason for the increase in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to increase leading the economy to boost up.

Nishat Group/Mian Mansha (Worth:$5.57 billion)

Nishat Group is a business cooperation owned by the country’s richest man Mian Muhammad Yahya Mansha with a worth of $5.57 billion, Mian Mansha has attained numero UNO Position as Pakistan’s Richest Man for the Last 15 years. Mansha Owns Around 60 companies. After 1979 mansha established the Largest Textile Complex setting up about 7 textile mills in the city of Faisalabad named nishatabad, being the largest exporter of Pakistan with exports above $1 Billion. Moreover the business Group now owns biggest cooperations of Pakistan including MCB bank, DG Khan Cement, AdamJee life insurance, Nishat Textiles, Nishat Power, Nishat Properties, Nishat Hotels, Hyundai Nishat Motors and Nishat Emporium.

Bestway Group/Sir Anwar Pervaiz (Worth:$4.50 billion)

Bestway group started back in 1976 with its first cash and carry warehouse opened in London, Now it owns 63 cash and carry Warehouses becoming the second largest Wholesaler in UK. The business has a Worth of $4.50 billion Dollars with an excessive turnover of $4.8 billion. The business group recently took control over the rival group Batleys for around 100 million pounds. Taking advantage of the growing economy the business is 25.5% stakeholder in the United Bank. The bestway Group owns the Largest Cement Production Capacity in Pakistan and has interest in Cash&Carry Wholesale, Property Investment, Retail Outlets, Milling Of rice, Lentils and Pulses and is more recently in the Pharmacy.

Hashu Group/Sadaruddin Hashwani (Worth:$3.80 billion)

Hashu Group was established as ali hassan and company, a commodities trading company on karachi port and by 1970s it became the Largest trading company of Pakistan, in 1972 the group came into the hospitality business. The Business group established Holiday inn hotel in Islamabad and then in Karachi. In 1985 the group made a successful bid on the Majority Shares of Pakistan Services Limited. Which then owned 4 inter continental hotels across Pakistan Known as Pearl-Continental Hotels. Today the business group has excelled in the export of Rice, Wheat, Cotton and Barley, Owns Textile Mills, Mines, Minerals, Hotels, Insurance and batteries with a net worth of $3.80 Billion.

Bahria Town/Malik Riaz Hussain (Worth:$3.4 Billion)

Malik Riaz Owns Pakistan Largest Real estate Developer Group Bahria Town, with a worth of $3.4 Billion. Malik Riaz has given out free bungalows or properties at highly concessional rates to known personalities and yet has managed to keep his wallet generously big. Moreover Malik Riaz is the first man to drive a bentley car on Paki Land. The Business Group has expanded ambitiously over the time and the group secured 60,000 employees, Looking over into Malik Riaz’s history he started off as a clerk in military and used to work part time as a painter, Due to the financial crisis his father was facing he had to drop out off high School and work tirelessly. Now Malik is one of Pakistan’s Richest Tycoons and owns the leading business Group.

Schon Group/Nasir Schon (Worth:$1.80 billion)

Nasir Schon is a Prominent Business Leader of Pakistan and CEO of Schon Group of Companies, Moreover the Schon Group is one of the few striving Muhajir Business families in Pakistan. Starting From 1982 the group started in Singapore, the peak of the business group was in 1995 when they got the ownership of National Fibres. In 1997 business group invested in and worked on many real estate projects, including luxury residential properties and commercial developments. One of Schon’s current business ventures includes a real estate project called Dubai Lagoon, an over $800-million dollar mixed-used development in The United Arab Emirates.

Dawood Group/Hussain Dawood (Worth:$1.65 biliion)

Dawood Hercules Founded in 1948, the business is catering finance to fertiliser business holding a worth of $1.65 billion. The development of coal mining in thar is major undertaking of entire DH group with subsidiaries handling, fertilisers and food. The project has also incorporated into the CPEC initiative. In 1970 the group was ranked to be the richest in Pakistan. The following business group is the partner of Pakistan in prosperity and growth, today Dawood Hercules (DH) deploys and manages investments in the subsidiaries and associated companies of Dawood Hercules Group, a family-owned business with a history of entrepreneurship spanning over a century. 

Ary Group/Abdul Razzaq Yaqub – Late(Worth:$1.40 Billion)

Abdul Razzaq is a prominent expatriate Businessman of Pakistan based in Dubai. The Business owns large property Holdings in Karachi,Islamabad and Dubai with a worth over $200m. Now the group has major gold Market owning numerous outlets in Asia. Among other business groups this group is now owned by Salman Iqbal son of the Late Abdul Razzaq Yaqub, the legend passed away in 2014 after a protracted illness. ARY Digital is the subsidiary of the Business Groups established in 1970. The ARY Group of companies is a Dubai-based holding company, with a worth of $1.40 billion.

House of Habib/ Rafiq M Habib(Worth:$1.24 Billion)

House of Habib is the Famous Business Khoja Family with a worth of $1.24 Billion. Currently the group owns 18 companies dealing in automobiles, Finance, retail, energy and etc. with 22,000 employees on Board. Among other Business groups this group is also involved in educational sector owning schools colleges and universities. Moreover The Habib family ownns offices in vienna and Geneva as early as in 1912 and incorporated Habib and Sons in 1921, which dealt in brass, metal scraps and gold with Lion of Ali and Zulfikar Ali embossed on it. The Habib Bank still uses this as its insignia.

Packages Group/ Syed Babar Ali (Worth:$870 million)

Packages Group with a worth of $870 million owns numerous coco cola Plants in Pakistan. It Famous Brands include Nestle Milk Pack, Mitchells,Treet, IGI insurance, IGI Investment bank and Tri-Pack Films. Moreover it has stakes in the Textile, Dairy, Agriculture and Rice sector too. Packages is providing complete set of solutions for Packaging. And is the head of Board of LUMS university and Owns the Packages Mall in Lahore as well. Moreover the business groups were established in 1985 as Babar Ali Foundation, and this foundation is contributing to the educational sector by funding a million dollars annually for health and education in Pakistan, Babar Ali served at different ministries including Ministry of Economic Affairs, Finance, and planning in caretaker set-up in 1993.

Sapphire Group/Mian Abdullah (Worth:$850 million)

Sapphire group is one of the Largest Textile Exporters in Pakistan, the Sapphire Technologies comes from USA, Japan and Europe. The business has a worth of $850 million owned by a veteran Businessman Mian Abdullah the empire owns 11 yarn spinning plants, 3 Wooven plants for greige fabric, One yarn dyeing plant. Moreover Dozens of tycoons has proposed his name for leading the APTMA in case of an interim Setup. Mian Abdullah is an active philanthropist and has served on Board of various philanthropic organizations. He has twice been bestowed with Pakistan’s top civilian award, Sitara-e-Imtiaz in recognition of his contribution towards business.