LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday ordered to extend winter vacations for one more week amid the increasing threat of smog, Daily News Publisher reported.

The orders were passed by the LHC while hearing the petitions moved for seeking the remedy to address the smog issue.

The LHC observed it is the government’s responsibility to address the issue of smog and directed to extend the winter vacations for one more week.

The further hearing on the pleas has been adjourned until next Friday.

Earlier, the Punjab government notified three off days a week for schools in the provincial capital owing to extreme smog.

“All schools of Lahore would remain closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” the official notification read. “The decision of three weekly off days would remain in force till the next order,” the government announced.

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The provincial government has notified three weekly offs in Lahore’s schools on the Lahore High Court’s orders in view of the state of smog and air quality in provincial capital city.

Smoke from vehicles, factories and burning of the remains of crops have been major factors behind the dense smog that engulfs cities in the beginning days of Winter.

Punjab badly struck with such weather conditions in recent years in the initial days of winter in the region.

A spell of heavy rains or strong winds could clear the smog caused by polluting heavy particles.

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