Singer Kaifi Khalil talks about false perception of Lyari

Baloch singer Kaifi Khalil spoke about the false perception of Lyari that people have as a dangerous or no-go place.

Kaifi Khalil, the voice and composer behind 2022 chartbusters ‘Kana Yaari’ and ‘Kahani Suno’, who is still basking on the success of his two hits, sat with a digital media outlet for a tell-all recently.

Khalil, who rose to fame earlier this year with his ‘Coke Studio’ debut ‘Kana Yaari’, spoke about his journey from a small home studio in the densely populated Lyari to one of the biggest musical stages ever.

On the mention of the urban-slum area of Karachi, Khalil wants to eliminate the false perception of people about Lyari as a no-go region. “It is not the areas that are dangerous, but the people and such people can be found anywhere else as well,” he said.

The celebrity also mentioned of the residents of Lyari and their fondness for arts and sports. “They have always encouraged art and sports. They respect me as an artist and feel pride that someone amongst them is reaching peaks,” Khalil noted.

Despite being from a family of musicians, and having formal training in the art, he got prominence for his debut ‘Coke Studio’ track ‘Kana Yaari’ which topped several music charts and was listened to and recreated across the globe. Kaifi Khalil composed as well as co-wrote the song with fellow Baloch singer Eva B. Both of them with Abdul Wahab Bugti sung the number.