Sialkot Airport closed for international flights

Sialkot Airport

As per the notification, the Sialkot airport will remain closed from December 5 to December 20 owing to repair work on runway.

Daily News Publisher Reports

All domestic and international flights at the airport from starting from December 5 to 20, will be rescheduled.

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Letter of Director Air Transport and Economic Regulation for Sialkot Airport

In this letter they have clearly said that Sialkot airport is temporary closing there services due to rehabilitation of Airport. In Order to improve the riding and food services of airport. It is for a month only after 30 days it will open for international flights.

The Export Triangle of Pakistan comprising Gujrat, Sialkot and Gujranwala is internationally famous for producing and exporting Sports Goods, Gloves, Surgical instruments, Sports Wears, Cutlery, Ceramics, and Leather Garments etc. The Air cargo for the area was sent to Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi Airports via Sambrial Dry Port. It was a tough exercise indeed as it involved extra expenses and time apart from other difficulties faced by the exporters. More over, the customers from abroad were hesitant and reluctant to travel to Sialkot, Wazirabad and Gujrat due to security reasons and it has been a matter of great in-convenience for the exporters of this very region. Due to these logistic problems, full export potential of these cities was not being realized. Hence, the demand for an Airport in Gujranwala Division was voiced by the Traders, Businessmen, exporters and general public especially the Overseas Pakistanis of this area since long time.

Lahore and Islamabad Airport will used for alternative. This two cities are most near to the Sialkot.

This will effect the import and export sector of Pakistan. Sialkot is the top city of Pakistan which export goods to different countries.

SIAL Export Complex

Sialkot International Airport Limited aims to provide the “best-value” services to airport users in the most efficient and effective manner. To optimize land-use and enable economies of scale in airport support and related cargo services.

SIAL Import Complex

The Import Clearance Center located on airport property was designed to centralize the Federal Agencies under one roof saving the cargo community valuable time and money by providing a one-stop clearance center for documentation. Sialkot International Airport has more scheduled non-stop flights by difference Airlines from various origins (around the world).

60 Direct Flights of Sialkot Airport

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