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Secret negotiations began, after long march date announced

Source report that secret negotiations began between PTI leadership and government. The Current government or PTI official does n’t said publicly about negotiation. Shebaz Sharif current Prime Minister of Pakistan said in a press conference that I am ready to talk with PTI leadership. USA is supporting the current government because this government will accept every condition of United States of America.

PTI wants election and they said it many times but government is not ready to go for any election. The current situation have decrease the vote bank of the parties who are currently in government. PTI have a good time right now. Secret negotiations began in politics doors are always open.

When PTI was in government it was vice versa. PTI have not loose the vote bank much higher but it was enough to help other political parties. There are many people in PMLN which don’t want to take government, even the Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are not conveyance with this decision.

PDM Government know this is not a right time to announce election because they have not delivered anything to people on which people give them vote. They want time to deliver some benefits to people then they will announce the election if that time the image of government is good or they thing that now we can take this action.

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