Scientists are using Quantum Mechanics to “view” objects without looking at them.

A team of scientists has devised a means of using quantum mechanics to “view” objects indirectly. The new method could improve measurements for quantum computers and other systems. It brings together the quantum and classical worlds.

We “see” things via the complex interaction of light photons within specialized cells in the retina of our eyes. However, some scientists have speculated that a similar phenomenon could be replicated without photo-absorption or without any light.

If we could, we’d be able to study things indirectly without “contaminating” them with light photons or influencing a system while attempting to study it. Imagine using light to study a strip of a photosensitive film without “damaging” it.

As it turns out, according to this groundbreaking discovery, it seems we can.

As part of a study on the relationship between the quantum and classical worlds, Shruti Dogra, John J. McCord, and Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu of Aalto University have found a new and much better way to do interaction-free tests.

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