Saim Sadiq: Wait few days and watch “Joyland” on big screen

Saim Sadiq

Saim Sadiq said on Instagram that we take 7 years to make this film and you can not wait for few days. He further requested there fans to watch movie in original print.

Joyland movie is ban in Pakistan before releases. Joyland, our trailblazing film that has been accumulating historic milestones and accolades for Pakistan at the world stage is soon to release in Pakistan! Take a first glimpse into the daring, soul searching film that delves deep into the challenging complexities of desire and gender identity through the lens of the Rana Family.

Saim Sadiq took to his Instagram, urging fans to not leak cinema footage of the film, “If you are sharing or creating or watching Joyland on online pirated links, you are no fan of cinema.” He urged fans to wait for the film patiently. “If you live somewhere where Joyland is not playing in cinemas yet, you can wait. Please wait. It took us seven years to make this film. You can wait a few days and watch it without harming the filmmakers by pirating the film.

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