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 Russia’s Ukraine war drags into ninth month

The army’s deficiencies and apparent reliance on Iranian help became more obvious as Russia’s Ukraine war entered its ninth month.

Despite Tehran’s insistence that they are not, attacks on Ukrainian civilians are being ignored while Ukrainian forces are capturing additional area in the south and east. It is commonly believed that these strikes are being carried out by Iranian-made Shahed-136 “suicide” drones.

The French president and American senators appear to be sending conflicting messages about their willingness to continue assisting Russia’s Ukraine war in the meantime; more on these events later in this story.

The eastern city of Bakhmut was brutally attacked by Russian forces last week as well, but Ukraine’s defences held.

According to reports, Ukrainian forces in the Luhansk region have taken control of a highway that connects Kreminna and Svatove, two villages that open up access to Starobilsk, a significant logistics hub.

In Kharkiv, where they just lost more than 8,000 square kilometres (3,088 square miles) of terrain, Russian forces made vain attempts to recapture the offensive. Currently, just 32 communities in the area, according to Ukrainian forces, are still under occupation.

The following significant battle is anticipated to take place in Kherson, in the south, where Russian forces are rumoured to have gathered 45 battalion tactical units.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that the Russian occupying forces “mine the [east side of the Dnieper River], leaving narrow routes for a hypothetical escape of their troops from the right bank.”

The staff said Russia had sent 2,000 newly mobilised personnel to supervise the evacuation of doctors, teachers and bankers from western Kherson.

According to the Russian Tass news agency, as “authorities” evacuated physicians, educators, and bankers from the surrounding area, Moscow’s forces were preparing Kherson city for street fights.

All Kherson residents must leave the city right away. On October 22, the city’s occupation administration posted a message on the Telegram channel ordering all departments and ministries of civil administration to cross to the left side of the Dnieper.

According to Moscow, roughly 70,000 people have so far left Kherson. Ukraine claims that forced deportations to Russia or seized territory are a better way to describe the evacuations.

According to sources in the West and Ukraine, Russia’s supply of missiles and ammunition has been running low.

Given that Russia had bought 1,700 of the purportedly Iranian-made weapons, while not all of them had yet been constructed, Budanov predicted that “terror with the use of Shahed [drones] may be around for a long time.”

Ukraine claimed that Iran was considering giving Russia drones as well as missiles similar to the Iskander, such as the Fateh-110 and Zulfighar. The number of missiles would be in the dozens provide Russia’s Ukraine war.

“Anyone who believes it is possible to trade Ukraine’s freedom for our peace of mind is mistaken,” she told parliament in her maiden speech. “Giving in to Putin’s blackmail on energy would not solve the problem, it would exacerbate it.”

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