Pharmaceutical Companies Threaten to Shut Down Due to Import Delays

According to sources, the pharmaceutical companies have threatened to initiate protests on January 5 in an effort to put pressure on the federal government to solve the challenges facing the sector.

Due to the federal government’s misguided policies, the nation is currently experiencing a severe scarcity of life-saving medications. The pharmaceutical industry was having issues, and on January 5 they threatened to start protesting.
Details indicate that various medications for kidney and cardiac problems are also unavailable in pharmacies, in addition to the disappearance from the market of insulin for diabetic patients.

Noor Meher, the president of the Pakistan Drug Lawyer Forum, informed the media that although new supplies of medications had arrived at the ports of Karachi and Lahore dry ports and other locations around the nation, the authorities had yet to grant them permission.

Meher claimed that 91% of Pakistan’s pharmaceutical raw ingredients are imported. He continued by saying that pharma workers feel compelled to demonstrate in public.
He said that all pharmaceutical firms will shut down starting on January 5 and that their staff would protest across the nation.

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