PEMRA Bans Imran Khan Live Speech

PEMRA Bans Imran Khan

PEMRA has ban the live speeches of Imran Khan on televisions. PDM government has given orders to PEMRA bans Imran Khan live speech. The last speech of Imran Khan is very cleared. He given the names of the people in live speech that this person have planned attack on him.

We have seen that one month before ARY News Channel is also ban by the PEMRA on government orders. Government is using all powers against Imran Khan. PEMRA is independent institution of Pakistan but every government use this institutions to victimize apposition.

Currently Imran Khan is in Shaukat Khanum Hospital. During the Long March Imran Khan injured and many other people are injured on this incident. PEMRA bans Imran Khan live speech when he do the last speech from hospital after his surgery.

Imran Khan is the Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan. This actions are not give good message to others, this type of action give negative impression to out siders. PEMRA bans Imran Khan speech negative action which will effect the image of Pakistan.

Condemning the decision taken by the PEMRA, the Association of Electronic Media Editors and News Directors also rejected the ban saying that the constitution allows all individuals to practice freedom of expression.  

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