Pakistani youth releases from Turkey jail

Pakistani youth releases

The efforts of ARY News have borne fruit as Pakistani youth releases name Muhammad Owais from Turkiye jail after being arrested for carrying ‘chalia and supari’, ARY News reported on Thursday.

An Istanbul court issued release orders for the Pakistani youth Muhammad Owais who had been jailed in Turkiye for carrying chalia and supari. On a humanitarian basis, ARY News had aired the report of a Pakistani tourist namely Owais’ arrest on October 17.

The family of the Pakistani tourist was also invited to the ARY News’ morning show to raise their voice against his arrest and demand the authorities to initiate efforts for his releases from Turkiye jail.

The father of Owais, Saifullah had said that his son was unaware of Turkiye’s strict laws where chalia and supari have the status of narcotics. He added that Owais is a heart patient and the family has already spent over Rs1.5 million to pursue his case.

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“We were told that chalia will be sent to the laboratory and the report will be issued in six months to decide about the fate of Owais.”

Appeal to releases Pakistani youth

Saifullah had said that they were neighbours of the prime minister and went to his residence in Model Town but no one listened to their appeal. He said that they could not afford lawyers’ fees anymore.

He had appealed to the foreign ministry to take up the issue with the Turkiye government as several people are also facing jail for the same allegations. Saifullah had also appealed to the prime minister to help him to release their son.

The 26-year-old Owais had been arrested in Turkiye on September 15, however, the Pakistani Embassy excused from assisting the family after issuing a letter.

It was learnt that a public notice was not issued by the embassy regarding the strict ban on chalia and gutka in Turkiye. After Owais’ arrest, the embassy issued a public notice.