Google Cloud Support Kuwait's Digitisation Drive

Now Google Cloud Support Kuwait’s Digitisation Drive

Now days digital technologies is rapidly growing. Government of every countries are investing money digital technologies to make there work more easier and give better services to there public.

In Dubai Google Cloud team and government of Kuwait have make an agreement on which Google Cloud will support government of Kuwait to increase digitalization in public sector of Kuwait to enhance and make public services more better.

Most of the developed Countries are investing in digital technologies to boost there economy growth. Kuwait is the country in Asia which has high reserve of oil and they daily produce 2.8 million barrels per day. Google is rapidly increasing there services day by day.

As Sources report to Daily News Publisher about agreement between Google and Kuwait Government is that Google Cloud will provide services to improve there public sector services and help them to store the data securely.

In middle east there are two more countries which is also a same agreement with Google Cloud are Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Now Kuwait have also make an agreement with Google Cloud.

There is competition between countries build better cloud services, with Chinese enterprises like as Huawei bidding for lucrative government contracts as part of Gulf state economic reform ambitions.

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