Over 200 leaders from universities, research institutions, startups, industry, the development sector, and the KP GOVT gathered to witness the launch, which aimed to’renew commitments to uplifting in science literacy, excellence in scientific research, and catalysing innovation, all with the goal of strengthening the national economy and uplifting society.

‘We want our experts to focus on three future areas where KP GOVT hopes to establish itself: advanced materials, biomedicine, and space sciences.’ But I also want students to remember the eight main natural resources that our province is gifted with, such as jewels, bees and honey, micro-hydal power, and fruits,’ said senior minister Atif Khan, who is in charge of science and technology, information technology, food, and youth affairs.

Mr Sajid Hussain Shah, the Director General for Science and Technology, welcomed the participants, and Mr Muhammad Khalid, the Secretary for Science, Technology, and Information Technology, delivered a speech.

‘This Agenda is unusual in that it is the first time we are delivering a full, end-to-end plan for research that impacts every aspect of our science sector. We also focus on a few important sectors in order to establish a critical mass of talent and infrastructure in the province. Only then will we be able to start developing solutions to replace imports and grow into specialists for the province and the country,’ said Dr Faisal Khan, a top scientist in the province and a graduate of the University of Alberta Oxford, who is Advisor to the Minister.

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