KARACHI: Engineering student found shot dead during robbery

KARACHI: Street criminals killed a budding Engineer near Karachi’s NED University for resisting a robbery attempt, Daily News Publisher reported.

According to details, an Engineering student Bilal, aged 21, was killed by street criminals who wanted to rob him of his cellphone and other belongings but as the youngster tried to resist the robbery, the robbers shot at him, killing him on the spot.

Bilal tried to hit the robbers with a chair as he was with his friends at a tea-spot near the university.

The victim was a final-year student doing petroleum engineering at NED university of engineering and technology.

According to police officials, the robbers fired two bullets at Bilal, one in the chest and one in the leg. The bullet shells were also found at the incident place.

Last week, armed robbers shot dead a young man – identified as Adnan Zuberi – in Karachi’s PIB Colony.

Adnan Zuberi – who was an accountant in a private organisation – went outside his house to buy milk when he became victim of aerial firing by robbers, who were fleeing after a robbery in the area.

A man was killed by robbers on resisting a robbery in Mahmudabad area of Karachi on Monday.

This week,  a man who has been identified as Khurram, was shot dead as he repelled the robbers in Akhtar Colony of Mahmudabad. Police said the incident was being investigated.

The citizens are worried as police have failed to stop the rapid increase in robbery incidents in the city

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