Islamabad Margalla hills trail 3 closed after confirmation of leopard

Islamabad Margalla hills

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority on Saturday closed hiking trail 3 of the Margalla hills Islamabad has been closed after sightings of leopards in the area,  Daily News Publisher reported.

According to the details, the CDA has closed the hiking tails 3 after reports of leopard sightings in the Syedpur area of the capital.

Spokesperson Wildlife Protection Board said the sightings of the leopards in the area have been confirmed and the trail of Islamabad Margalla hills has been closed for public safety.

CDA spokesperson said that they have posted officials at the site to monitor the situation and the trial has been closed for the general public.

Many tourist daily visit Islamabad Margalla Hills to hiking and local residents of Islamabad also went there for hiking.

The Wildlife spokesperson urged the public to not visit the area Islamabad Margalla hills unnecessarily.

It is to be noted that residents of Saidpur Village were in a state of fear after news about the sighting of three leopards circulated in the territory.

Wildlife Management Board advised the residents to be cautious and restrict their movements, while announcements were made from the local mosques.

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A contingent of Islamabad Capital Police was deployed in the village and local administration requested the residents to remain calm.

Earlier in February, one leopard was killed in a village in Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday, Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) chairperson Rina S. Khan Satti said.

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