You are currently viewing Gwadar fishermen catch rare “SUN FISH” of two ton weight
Gwadar fishermen catch 2 ton Sun Fish

Gwadar fishermen catch rare “SUN FISH” of two ton weight

Local fishermen from Balochistan’s coastal city Gwadar accidentally caught a rare ‘sun fish’, which weight is OVER 2 TON. Daily News Publisher reported

Fishermen in Gwadar were amazed at what they accidentally caught in their nets on Friday. A rare fish breed named ‘Sun Fish’ was caught by the fishermen.

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Experts say that the Sun Fish is often found in the deep sea and weighs over 2 tons.

Earlier in July 2021, lady luck smiled on a Gwadar fishermen when he landed a rare fish weighing 26 kilogrammes off Balochistan’s Jiwani coast.

According to details, the fish, locally known as Sowa, fetched Rs676,000 at an auction at a local fish market.

This is the third such catch in a week’s time. Earlier, on May 30, a rare Sowa (croaker) fish caught off the coast of Jiwani was sold for a hefty sum of Rs8.6 million.

The rare croaker fish weighed 48 kilogrammes. Deputy Director of Fisheries Ahmed Nadeem confirmed that a fisherman named Waheed Baloch, hailing from Gwadar’s Pishukan village. A resident of Koh-e-Sar Bazar has become a millionaire overnight.

According to aquatic life experts, the Sowa fish comes close to the shores of Jiwani and adjacent seas in the summer for breeding. The demand for large croaker fish was very high in Europe and China.

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Prior to that catch, a fisherman called Abdul Haq had landed a croaker fish that was sold for Rs780,000.