Google will help you to read doctor hand writing

Google will help you to read doctor hand writing. This is last update of google in 2022 which is so much helpful.

With medical prescriptions written in undecipherable text by doctors for many, many years, Google has now taken it upon itself to have try at translating doctor’s bad handwriting, and is working with pharmacists to explore ways to decipher the handwriting of doctors.

While it isn’t ready for public release yet, the feature will allow you to take a photo of the prescription and then let Google process it. When its completed, Google will tell you the medicines mentioned on the prescription and the dosage.

This is really helpful for patients because Google will help you to read doctor hand writing a lot of medical professionals have bad handwriting, which sometimes makes it difficult to understand what is written on the prescription.

Google says that it seeks to “augment the humans in the loop such as pharmacists” and not replace them. The company wants the technology to be seen as “assistive” and says that no final decisions will be taken on the results provided by the feature.

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