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Fawad Khan, the stunning hunk and outstanding talent, now has a response to all our questions about adding more Bollywood titles to his résumé in his new interview with a foreign-based media source.

Fawad Khan, who has given lucrative titles in Indian film in addition to his flawless work in the nation. was asked whether he’d want to return to Bollywood for work, to which the ‘Ms Marvel’ star said, “I detest conflict, I truly avoid it, and I don’t enjoy it.” “I, too, dislike controversy.”

Returning to the subject, Khan stated, “I think it’s more a question of whether someone else would prefer to work with me, rather than me working with others, since fingers will be pointed at them.”

“I’ll do my work and go away but then the people who’ll have to suffer are those who are who want to collaborate with me. And I care about that because they are going to live there, and they’re going to suffer the consequences.”

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“I have a terrific relationship with the folks that I’ve worked with and made excellent friends,” Khan said of his ties with people in the neighbouring country. The partnership with the people I came to know and the kind of people I met there was a fantastic experience that I thoroughly liked.”

He also stated that the ‘political fallout’ between the two countries has not affected his friendship with them and that he would ‘love to meet them again someday’ and collaborate with them.

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