Fake currency notes spreader caught in Karachi

Fake currency notes

KARACHI: Karachi police on Wednesday arrested an alleged fraudster from the Gulistan-e-Johar area for spreading fake currency notes in the local markets, ARY News reported.

The arrested man was identified as Akbar Sher. Police recovered fake banknotes of US and Pakistani currency. Police said that the accused was involved in trading of counterfeit currency notes and used to spread fake banknotes in local markets.

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During the interrogation, the arrested man revealed that he spread fake banknotes of Rs500, Rs1,000 and Rs5,000 in Karachi’s local markets, shops and petrol pumps. Police said that an organised gang was also involved in selling fake US currency notes in small markets.

The police officials told the media that the gang members transported the fake banknotes from other provinces to Karachi and raids are being conducted to nab other members of the gang.

In October, Karachi police had busted a gang involved in circulating fake currency notes in bachat bazaars and markets.

The officials of the Khokhropar police station had arrested five men accused of circulating counterfeit currency notes in different markets in Karachi.

Police had said that the accused worked as a gang which circulated fake notes in markets. Police also recovered counterfeit notes of over Rs118,000.