Facebook beats Tiktok to Become Most Popular Social Media Site of 2022


Facebook has won the honor of being the most popular social media site of the year 2022, this year Facebook has been on the number one position in popularity while Tik Tok is the second.

There is no doubt that the most visited site in the world is Google because people turn to Google to search for anything on the internet but surprisingly the title of the most popular website in the world in 2021 is Google. It was called Tik Tok instead.

In February 2021, Tik Tok won the title of the most popular website for the first time for just one day, Tik Tok’s number one position did not last long, but later Tik Tok won the title of the most popular website in 2021.


According to the data of the year 2022, Tik Tok’s supremacy against Google and Facebook has not been maintained, in Cloud Flare’s list of the most popular websites of 2022, Google has once again won the number one position, Facebook is second while Apple and Tik Tok are joint third.

Among the most popular social media sites of the year 2022, Facebook is on the number one position, followed by Tik Tok, Instagram on the third, Twitter on the fourth, and Snapchat on the 5th most popular social media site. WhatsApp is not included in the top 10 of both the websites lists.

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