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Denim New Jeans For Kids


P Denim was founded on a love of denim and the remains of worn-out pants. P Denim was founded in 2017 by Kaye Stanton because she struggled to find straightforward, high-quality denim clothing for her kids. While working in the vintage clothing industry, Kaye noticed how much denim was being wasted and seized the chance to provide a solution by turning the leftover material into children’s jeans.

“I would pair, wash, and cut the waste into small jeans for hours on end with the assistance of my mother. Due to the magnitude of the denim waste and the time it was taking me to source, sift, and wash it, this became extremely constricting.”

The deliberate effort to produce a product that will continue to reflect the principles of our brand increased as the company developed. Since then, we have been collaborating with Candiani Denim Mill in Italy, one of the greenest denim manufacturing facilities worldwide. We utilise organic raw denim and make long-lasting designs. Each item of clothing includes larger arms or legs to accommodate the child’s growth. We have a collaboration with that allows customers to trade in outgrown items for a voucher to purchase the following size up. We also provide free lifetime repairs. After multiple failed attempts at outsourcing, we now produce internally, allowing us superior control over quality, factory standards, sustainability, and our capacity to create in small batches in response to demand.


“I am hugely passionate about the manufacturing industry and how it needs to modernise with the times!”

Denim Jeans Quality

Denim is a straightforward but efficient material. It is an international standard due to its adaptability and toughness. It also makes it a fantastic material for children’s clothing. It is comfortable to wear every day yet strong enough to survive daily use. Complex designs and goods don’t last. We take great delight in the fact that P Denim is made of classic items that can be worn year-round. It truly is that easy.

We need to demonstrate that we are a sustainable brand, not just claim to be one. Transparency is crucial in this regard. We like discussing the history of our items and revealing who manufactured and where our clothing came from.

We strive to be truthful not just to our clients but also to ourselves. We are constantly looking for ways to become better, more effective, and less wasteful. Being practical is more important than being flawless. Additionally, we want our consumers to share in this adventure.

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