North Waziristan crossfire

CTD foils attack, kills seven terrorists in North Waziristan crossfire

According to the article, the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) in Pakistan foiled an attack and killed seven terrorists in a crossfire in North Waziristan. The CTD conducted an intelligence-based operation in the Dattakhel area, where they encountered the terrorists who were planning to carry out an attack. During the operation, a crossfire broke out, resulting in the death of seven terrorists and no casualties on the CTD side. The terrorists were reportedly affiliated with a banned outfit and were involved in a series of attacks against security forces and civilians in the region.

Terrorists are engaged in a firefight with security forces in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan. This region has been a hotbed of militant activity for many years, and has been the site of numerous clashes between militants and security forces. In these situations, security forces are typically attempting to prevent the militants from carrying out attacks or other acts of violence, while the militants are attempting to evade or engage the security forces. These types of conflicts can be very dangerous, and can result in casualties on both sides. The use of the term “crossfire” typically indicates that both sides are firing at each other, and there is a significant exchange of gunfire.

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