Burhan-Swabi Motorway closed due to fog

ISLAMABAD: As the winter season has arrived, the National Highways and Motorway Police have closed Motorway M1, Burhan-Swabi Motorway, due to dense fog situation, Daily News Publisher reported. 

According to details, the early morning and evening fog was affecting the traffic in north zone of the Motorway. In this regard, the authority has closed Motorway M1 – Burhan to Swabi – for public transport to avert any misfortunate incident, Burhan-Swabi Motorway.

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In a statement, Spokesperson National Highways and Motorway Police announced the closure of M1 highway and requested the public to avoid unnecessary travel in foggy weather.  The spokesman also advised to use fog lights if travelling in this weather.

National Highways and Motorway Police advised public to keep more distance between the vehicles and always take advisory from helpline 130 before starting the journey.