Burgers, Fries and Robots; McDonald’s Open its 1st Fully Automated Restaurant

At one McDonald’s location in Texas, robots are now serving up Big Macs. This is the world first Automated Restaurant where robots are serving food to humans, Source Daily News Publisher.

Amid a growing desire for fast food giants to automate their processes, the first mostly robot-run McDonald’s restaurant is currently being tested in Fort Worth, Texas.

This is really unbelievable because this is not happen before. In my opinion this will effect negatively because many people will be unemployed if every food restaurant will adopt this.

At this location, there are no human cashiers in sight. Even the restaurant itself is smaller and has no seating, designed to serve the grab-and-go crowd, rather than sit-down diners.

Upon entry, digital tills take customer orders and robots push food through on conveyor belts in designated pick-up areas.

Customers can order through the drive-thru, the company’s mobile app or the touch screen kiosks in-store.

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