Best Tips To Stop Your Phone and Laptop From Overheating

Have you ever wondered, “Why is my phone hot?” Alternatively, “why is my laptop overheating?” Believe us when we say you are not the first or the last. Overheating reduces device performance and can be quite inconvenient. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this from happening. Here are five tips for preventing and stopping gadget overheating.

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

This is the simplest technique to avoid overheating. Keeping your laptop or phone out of direct sunlight will keep heat and light from becoming trapped within. The longer it is exposed to direct sunlight, the hotter it will become.

2. Remove Your Case

Although your gadgets make every effort to transport and remove heat, cases might trap the heat created by the device, preventing it from cooling. We don’t recommend leaving your phone unprotected because a hot gadget is better than a broken one, but if you notice your phone or laptop is overheating, remove the case for a few minutes to help it cool down faster.

3. Close Unnecessary Browser Tabs And Apps

When you have many apps or web browser tabs open at once, your gadgets go into overdrive. Apps refresh frequently to look for notifications, so you’re not only warming your device, but you’re also actively burning up your mobile data. If you don’t have limitless data, utilizing this technique will help you conserve storage space while also keeping your smartphone cool.

4. Clean and Dust Vents

This is a laptop-specific tip. Dust and debris accumulate in the ventilation ducts of the device over time, reducing airflow and causing overheating. Physically cleaning your device will keep it cool and working smoothly. We recommend visiting the brand’s website or YouTube for thorough and personalized instructions on how to clean your gadget.

5. Get Rid Of Excess Files

It’s natural for your folders to fill up with files, images, and duplicates over time. Unfortunately, having too many files and cookies on your devices makes them work harder to access data, which leads to overheating. Cleaning up your laptop or phone might help you avoid this! Not sure where to begin? Buckeye Broadband’s Digital Declutter blog can help you arrange your online space.

Keeping this in mind, it is normal for your device to feel hot at times. Heat from longer video recordings and older devices getting hotter faster are two major causes of temperature rise. Don’t worry if the device becomes a little warm. Still, we hope you remember these tips if you see your phone or laptop becoming overheated and slowing down.

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