Airpods Price in Pakistan 2023 – Latest and Best Airpods in Pakistan

Airpods Price in Pakistan 2023

Here you will get the Airpods Price in Pakistan 2023 – Latest and Best Airpods in Pakistan.

Airpods are Bluetooth earbuds that are Bluetooth-enabled and cordless. The Apple Company was the first to design it. It employs a technology that allows it to filter out background noise. Taps and pinches are also detected by optical sensors and accelerometers. AirPods are available in Pakistan, and the prices vary according on the brand, as stated in the article below.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods Pro

Apple designed and released the Airpods Pro headphones on October 30, 2019. Between Apple’s original AirPods and its AirPods max, these are in the middle. It includes the same functionality as the original AirPods, including a microphone that can filter out background sounds. It features an accelerometer and optical sensors, which causes audio to pause when AirPods are removed from the ear.


It has a speaker driver that delivers powerful bass. It’s an inward-facing microphone that adjusts mid and low frequency—an amplifier and an H1 chip that control the listening levels.

Its amplifier is a super-efficient and high range that filters sound and extends the battery life. H1 chip has ten audio cores that create low audio processing latency that filters noise.


  • Its features like control by Tap Is now replaced by pressing force on the stem.
  • AirPod is having anti-noise and cancels external sound.
  • Two microphones inward facing microphones and outward-facing microphones.
  • The outward-facing microphone can detect external sound.
  • Inward facing microphone can detect unwanted sound inside the ear and cancel it.
  • The noise cancellation feature is adjusted 200 times per second.
  • It has Adaptive EQ that tones sound to shape one’s ear for a great listening experience.

Some other features are as follows:

The force sensor is now utilized to manage music and phone calls, switching between noise suppression and transparency modes.

This AirPod is resistant to sweat and water. It is wirelessly charged. It has a MagSafe charging case and a battery life of 24 hours. With a single charge, the Pro AirPods can last up to 4.5 hours. This AirPod can be used for up to an hour after only 5 minutes of charging. It connects to the iPhone with ease. Because Apple is a high-end brand, the Apple AirPod pricing in Pakistan is costly.


DriverApple driver with high excursion
MicrophoneDual microphone: Inward facing microphone and Outward-facing microphone
SensorMotion detecting Sensor Speech detecting sensor
ChipH1 chip
Height1.22 inch
Weight of AirPod5.4 g
Weight of case45.6 grams
Width0.86 inch

Some other specifications are as under:

  • It has a high dynamic range amplifier.
  • Transparency mode is available.
  • Apple Airpods Pro also has a force sensor for powering ON the earbud.
  • IPX4 sweat and water-resistant material are added to it.
  • Its case height is 1.78 inches, and its width of 2.39 inches.


Airpods Pro has a Magsafe charging case, Qi-certified charger, and a lightning connection. It has a battery life of 24 hours, and with 5-minute charging, it can be used for up to 1 hour.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung also manufactures AirPods, which provide consumers with an in-ear studio and theatre experience. It’s also accessible in Pakistan, and its pricing is lower than other branded AirPods, such as Apple’s.

Active noise suppression is controlled by the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. It contains a three-mic setup and two-way speakers with AKG sound for studio sound. Voice detection is also available on the Buds Pro.


It is made of different parts. Some are as follows:

  • Air vent for reducing the occlusion for audio.
  • Airpods has 2-way speakers with the driver.
  • This has an 11mm diameter for full bass.
  • An Earbud is having a 6.5mm diameter with low distortion.

AirPod has a USB cable for charging, a charging case and three sets of silicone ear tips available in 3 tips.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

This earbud is available for use for Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and other phones.


  • This earbud has 12mm speakers.
  • It enhances lower frequency sound.
  • Air vents that reduce the occlusion for sound.


It charges in a few minutes like with the charging of 5 minutes it can be used until 1 hour. This also works with PC. Earbud has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Easily connects to Android 5.0, iPhone 7, and iOS 7 plus. The weight of the case is 42 grams. The weight of the earbuds is 5.6 ounces. It has a battery life of 6 hours. This airpod has a talk time of 4.5 hours. It has one earbud live, a user guide and a charging case.

Oppo EncoBud

Oppo EncoBud
Oppo EncoBud

Enco buds are the newest alternative AirPods. Bluetooth transmission from left to right is used with these earbuds. The ability to activate 80 ms super-low latency gaming mode by tapping three times on Enco buds, which will bring one immediately into the game. When compared to the prices of Samsung and Apple Airpods in Pakistan, Oppo Airpods are more affordable.

It offers Bluetooth connections with a 5.2 chip that ensures a secure connection so you can enjoy the freedom of mobility.

The latest AAC audio coding will be channelled through an 8mm dynamic speaker, allowing you to comfortably enjoy music. Noise cancellation is a feature of the DNN model-based smart algorithm, which allows one’s voice to be readily recovered from the background noise of the environment during a call.


Frequency range20 Hz to 20kHz
BatteryRechargeable Li-ion cell
Charging portUSB Type-C port
Battery capacity40 mAh for an earbud, 400 mAh for charging case
Charging timeOne hundred fifty minutes for earbuds and charging case.
Weight of earbud4 grams
Weight of charging case37 grams

Some other specifications are as under:

  • It has 24-hour battery life.
  •  A noise reduction facility is available.
  • This earbud also has a low latency game mode.
  • A charging case model of ETI82is present.
  • A driver of 8mm dynamic driver is available.
  • Driver sensitivity of 1 kHz is available.
  •  The Bluetooth range is 10 meters.
  • Music playtime of 6hour with a single charge and 24 hours charging case.
  • Dust and water resistance of ip54 is present.

Realme Buds Air 2

Realme Buds Air 2
Realme Buds Air 2

Realme’s AirPods have also been introduced. Realme Buds Air 2 is one of the company’s newest AirPods. In Pakistan, the price of Airpods is a little lower than that of other brands.

The Realme Buds Air 2 wireless Bluetooth headphones are notable for one feature: they provide great, functional active noise cancelling at a low price. Aside from that, the design, connectivity, and voice call efficiency are all top-notch, but the sound quality falls short of expectations.

The Buds Air 2 does not sound horrible by any means, but much more than average. Although the bass-heavy sound will appeal to some, the earphones’ lack of information and character hold them back. Realme AirPods have the following features:

  • It has an active noise cancellation property
  • 28hrs Total Playback times.
  • Large battery & fast charging facility.
  • This AirPods has a 10mm Bass Boost Driver.
  • 88ms Super Low Latency.
  • Charges 10 mins for 3 hrs playback time.
  • Water-resistance capacity with IPX5.


Battery of earbud45 mAh
The battery of the charging case350 mAh
Battery life17 hours with 400 mAh
Calling time2.5 hours
Standby time20 hours
Music playing time3 hours
CompatibilityIOS, Android
Weight of earbud4.1 grams

350 mAh charge box battery type The charging box has a long-term power reserve. It has the ability to charge earphones up to four times.

There is a microphone on hand. A wireless range of up to 10 metres is possible. It takes up to 2 hours to charge. It features an instant connection with Google Fast Pair. It has a 13mm Dynamic Bass Boost Driver in it. It comes with Intelligent Touch Control. It has a 17-hour total playback option. It comes with a Super Low Latency gameplay mode. It also comes with a carrying case.

Airpods Price in Pakistan 2023

Airpods are available in the Pakistani market as well as online too. These AirPods prices in Pakistan are:

AirpodsPrice in Pakistan
Apple AirpodsRs. 22,599
Apple Airpods ProRs. 41,990
Samsung AirpodsRs. 21,500
Oppo Enco budRs. 16,999
Realme Bud Air 2Rs. 13,999


Airpods are offered in Pakistan from a variety of manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, Oppo, and Realme. These AirPods are wireless earphones with no wires and are simple to use. Varying AirPods have different price ranges, but these AirPods are costly in comparison to headphones.

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