Stay Alert! Dress-Remover AI Creating Deep Fake Inappropriate Images of Females

Teenage girl cyberbullied, terrified and worried, exposed to cyberbullying and internet harassment, feeling sad and defenseless in the face of internet stalker threat and abuse.

The growth of Dress-Remover has revealed a worrisome tendency aimed towards females. The misuse of artificial intelligence has raised serious issues about privacy, consent, and the possibility for abuse.

Crimes have escalated and gotten easier to commit with the introduction of deep fake apps. These bogus apps are being used to remove clothing from images of women, making them appear more lifelike.

The malicious use of AI poses a huge risk to women’s safety. To prevent such platforms, experts and legislators must enact stringent laws. Individuals should be aware of their digital presence in this age of constantly expanding technology with Artificial Intelligence.

Such apps must be prohibited in order to provide a safer and more courteous online environment for all.


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